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How do I become a Jetta Reseller?
Become a reseller by calling one of our Account Managers at (800) 445-3882. Our Account Manager will ask you for a copy of your reseller certificate or business license. Prepare the certificate and fax it to us. We'll get back to you with all of the information you need.

How do I contact your Sales Department?
Call our Account Managers at 800-445-3882 or 800-44-JETTA for information.

Does Jetta offer financial assistance to its resellers?
Yes, we do offer financial assistance to our resellers when your credit application is approved. Call our account managers for details.

How can I receive your price list?
In order to protect our resellers, we do not release price information to unknown customers. By requiring a copy of the Reseller ID Certificate prior to releasing price lists, we attempt to keep your pricing out of your customers hands. When you have taken the steps to become a Jetta reseller, your price list is available through your account manager or through our website.

What is the regular service turn around time?
Our regular turn around time is three business days. Priority service is provided for shipments arriving by a Next Day Delivery Service.

Does Jetta offer any DOA protection to resellers?
Yes, if the computer is defective within 14 days from invoice date the notebook is considered DOA. DOA notebooks can be returned for Repair, Replacement, or Refund depending on customers request. Further, we are able to Cross Ship a replacement unit to the reseller. (Check refund can take up to ten business days after deposit of the initial payment and are issued once a week on Fridays)

What does Jetta's warranty offer?
Jetta's notebooks come with one year standard warranty. The warranty begins from the original invoice day. Jetta also offers optional three years peace-of-mind extended warranty. Call your account manager for detailed information.