Wireless LAN Support

Known Issues and Solutions (From Intel)


Having trouble with your wireless network? Try the following to correct the most common setting problems.

Can not logon to corporate domain through wireless connection

  • This is because the Intel Proset wireless control utility was not turn on before you login to Windows. When you typed the ID and password, the computer response with domain not found.
  • To solve this problem, you need to login to your local and then turn off the Intel Client and then use Microsoft client instead. Use Microsoft wireless client control your wireless connection will allow you to login to your domain.
  • Solution: Click Start -> All Programs -> Open Intel ProSet Wireless Folder -> Intel ProSet Wireless -> click tools -> Use Microsoft Client

Most Common Seen Problems.

  • Check to see if the wireless' on/off switch set to on.
    If not, please turn it on. If you can not find the switch then check the users manual. They are usually located on either the left side of the computer, on the panel between the keyboard and LCD screen, or incorporated with the "Fn" function and one of keys on the keyboard itself.
  • Check if the driver was installed.
    Look for the driver in device manager under "network adapter". You should see three network adapter listed. They are 1394 Net Card, Wireless LAN card and Wire LAN. If you do not see wireless listed, install the wireless driver from the Wireless Driver CD. You can also download from here.
  • Wrong driver installed
    If you re-install your Windows XP, you might want to check if your Wireless Card driver is installed correctly. You can check the driver in "device manager" under "network adapter" item. If you have Wireless LAN, you should see three items listed. They are 1394 Net Card, Wireless LAN card and Wire LAN. If Wireless LAN is not listed. You need to install the driver. Please download the driver from . If you are not sure about the driver, call our tech support to verify the correct driver. (Need to know how to install the driver, refer to How to install the Wireless Driver).

My Wireless connection drops off after couple minutes

  • Turn off the wireless connection power management (power saving feature)
  • Check your environment if someone is using the 2.4GHz wireless phone, vacuuming, using a Microwave or activity that might be causing interference with your connection.
  • If you have more than 15 laptops connected to the same router then, add another router.

My Wireless card can't seem to detect my router

  • Reset your router by powering it off then powering it back on.
  • Upgrade to the latest Wireless LAN driver, you can always find the latest Wireless LAN driver foryour Jetbook from here.
  • Always remove the current driver before Install the latest driver.

My wireless connection needs to be setup every time I reboot my computer

  • You need to create a profile in Intel Proset Utility Manager. When you detect the router, you need to name the profile so the system will recognize the next time you log on to the same router. If you do not name it then each time you boot you will need to connect to the router manually until you create a profile.

How can I turn off the power management of my wireless card?

  • In Intel Proset Utility Manager -
    · Click the Adapter tab then the Configure button. Next move the dot from "automatic" to "manual" and set the power at 100%.
  • If without Intel Proset Utility Manager -
    · In device manager, right click the wireless card item under network adapter, click "properties", then the Advanced tab, highlight "power management", un-check "value", change the setting to "Maximum", then re-check "value". Click ok.

How to install the wireless driver and utility?

For Intel Wireless Proset version 8.x or later

Double click the CD, the driver and utility manager will be installed simultaneously automatically.

For Intel Proset version 7.x
1. Install the wireless card driver
  • Find your Intel Pro wireless card driver CD. It came with the notebook usually in a small brown box. Explore the CD, you will see two folder and couple files. Open "PROW2200" folder or "PROW2100" depends on your card. Run "SetupWLD.exe" to install the driver.
2. Install the Intel Proset Utility Manager
  • Double click the autorun.exe file in the root directory of the Intel Proset Wireless Driver CD. Follow the instructions to install the utility manager.