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4 Steps to get Support from Jetta

First of all, Identify the model number and serial number of your Jetbook then follow these steps for help

Software issues or not sure start here:


Remove Virus and Spyware
If you experience slow, pop up, error messages, un-known short cuts, unwanted tool bars etc. Follow the link for more details.

System Restore
When your computer is not working properly, you can always restore back to earlier restore point. (This function is only supported if you have Windows XP in your computer.)

Repair your Windows
If system restore does not work, you need to perform Windows XP repair. Follow this link for more details.

Hardware issues start here:

2. Phone Support:
Call our tech support at 732-329-9651 x2 from 9:00am to 5:30 pm EST Monday through Friday.
3. Repair Request:
If your Jetbook has a hardware issue, you can request a RMA number from our online Repair Service link.

Before sending your computer for repair, please back up every thing on your computer. Jetta is not responsible for any data loss during the repair. To back up the keys of programs on your computer, please use these free useful tools. You can export all your program keys from the software license section.

4. Repair Status:
If you need to know the repair status, you can trace service of your laptop online.


Useful Tools

· System Recovery

  • Roll back to your earlier registry file: System Restore
    (if you install a software and cause problem, you can't un-install this software, you might need to do this)

· Product Key Backup

Windows Certificate of Authenticity
  • Export all your product keys from your computer: NewKeysRetriever.exe
    From time to time, you might need to re-install Windows XP. First of all, you need to export all product keys of program installed in your computer. Use this useful tool to do the job. Open this program after installation. Go to software -> License -> export license to a .txt file.

· Spyware Removal and Registry Clean Up

  • SystemMechanic5 Pro 30 day trial: SystemMechanic5Pro.exe
  • Spyware Removal: Ad-Aware 6.0 trial
    (If you have spyware on your laptop, use this to clean them up)
  • Spyware Removal: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta 1
    Anti-Spyware software from Microsoft
  • Registry file fix: Tune up Utility Trial
    (If your registry has been corrupted you can use this program to attempt to fix it.
  • Turn off the autorun processes:
    Every time you install an application, the application install an auto-run program in your Windows Stat up. Most of the time these auto run programs are not necessary. They slow your computer down tremendously. You can use this utility to turn it off or on easily.

· Bootable CD Image

Boot CD
  • Boot from CD: Bootable CD Image (2MB)
    (Need to upgrade BIOS but do not have floppy, use this to make a bootable CD so that you can boot to DOS mode.)

· Others

All of the programs listed above in the Tools section are either 30-day trial version or free utilities. They are listed because we have found them useful and we think they might help some of our customers with their software issues. If you like them, then please purchase the license from the appropriate manufacturers. Jetta does not warranty or provide technical support for these tools.