About Jetta

History and Reputation

Monmouth Junction, NJEstablished in 1991, Jetta International has been a professional notebook PC supplier in the East Coast of the United States for over 25 years. During this time, we have grown to be one of the largest Notebook PC suppliers on the East Coast. With our high standards, aggressive pricing and superior customer service, we have proven to be one of the best notebook PC suppliers in the United States. Due to our reliable and consistent service, support and product quality, Jetta has been honored as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Intel Mobile Premier Provider.

Highest Product Quality

*/ ?>We start our quality assurance by carefully screening and selecting only the best original equipment manufacturers. We do this to maintain the quality requirements of being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Intel Mobile Premier Provider, but more importantly to maintain the quality expectations our customers. Jetta's notebook PC products are of the best quality because only the finest computer manufacturers produce them. These manufacturers also produce notebooks for the top brand-name manufacturers such as IBM, Apple, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. Jetta is the channel outlet for manufacturers who produce the brand name notebooks you recognize. We excel at providing mid and high level notebook with the best quality and lowest prices. Why pay more when you can get the same high-quality, fully loaded portable computer with much faster service, for less?

Superior Service and Support

RelaxedJetta provides fast and consistent product service and support. No one is happy when a notebook needs to come in for service. It is a nuisance, especially if you purchased a computer from a retailer who is not able to perform the repair service fast enough. We at Jetta maintain a large inventory of replacement parts at our home facility. We are fully equipped to fix all of our products. Within warranty, the average service turnaround time is just 3 business days from the day we receive the unit - 10 whole days faster than the industry standard! Thanks to our well-prepared service facility, we are confident enough to put our RMA status online. Jetbook owners and resellers are able to track the status of their repairs anytime, from anywhere. At Jetta, we do not just guarantee the service - we prove it.

The Best Value

EntertainmentJetta's price strategy is quite simple - we want to provide you the highest quality products, backed by the quickest service and support, at the most aggressive prices possible. Most computer users only compare the buying price of their machines, ignoring the other components of a good purchase, such as memory, hard drive, etc. If you are a business professional, you know that productivity is lost without your notebook computer handy. Compare us to other vendors; our service department is able to repair your computer in an average of 72 hours. This dramatically reduces your downtime and lost revenue. Jetbook brand notebooks feature the latest technology, at the minimum cost, with the fastest service creating the best value.